Sustainable Design

InsideOut has a commitment to sustainable design and “LEED Canada” principles. Intent is to improve the overall environmental, economic and social sustainability in a development. This includes new buildings on “greenfield” and “brownfield” sites, which are resource and energy efficient, as well as healthy, comfortable and flexible.
Another aspect of sustainable design is the adaptive re-use of older buildings, and our firm has substantial experience in the modification of heritage or older buildings, thus avoiding demolition of what is a valuable part of the built environment.

Esquimalt Public Works Yard
Victoria, BC
Construction Cost $2.3 million
Completed 1998
Site selection and re-zoning of the old Yarrows Shipyard followed by design and construction of the facility. Described as one of the “most state-of-the-art environmentally friendly” public works facilities in BC when opened. Winner of the Victoria Real Estate Board Industrial, Commercial and Investment Award for “Excellence In Building And Development”.

St. Joseph’s
Humboldt Street
Victoria, BC
Budget $1.9 million
Completed 2003
In 2000, all buildings on the Fairfield Health Centre site were demolished except for St. Joseph’s, the original 1909 hospital. The building has had the west end reconstructed with original bricks salvaged from the adjacent demolition. The interior has been converted into 74 suites for a non-profit society. A major seismic upgrade is included together with a partial restoration.